Zara, I love you!!

Dear, New York?
Sneak Peak of some of munchkins picks
So.... I 've jumped on the Zara band wagon and I am obsessed!
Seriously, where have you been these past years?
I went a day before my birthday and bought stuff for munchkin and jellybean (not pictured here) and can I tell you that we fell in love with the store.
I had to go again and check out some stuff for me.

The story goes like this:
I do a lot of my shopping for baby girl on IG shops (the new trend) and I've been seeing this pineapple romper circling around. People are ISO (In Search Of) it. I thought oh how cute.
Last week I went to midtown Manhattan for an errand that I had to do and I happened to stumble upon a Zara. I went in but no luck, by this time I was obsessed with finding that pineapple romper.
After googling for more Zara locations and finding that there was another one but on the east side. The first thought that came to my mind was that I could run and finish my errand. Go pick my Jellybean up from my moms house and walk over to the east side Flagship Store.
Perfect idea, the weather was good and the exercise is always welcome.

That's exactly what happened. We went across Central Park and walked all the way to 52nd and 5th. Glorious site that Zara store was - lol!
It was big, cool and there was an elevator and there was a sale going on ( it's still going on right now)
I almost cried when looking through the racks and spying one lonely, hidden pineapple romper! There might have been a tiny scream come out of my mouth when I screamed to my mom "Look, what I found!!" It was a good shopping day, my wallet wasn't so happy BUT I was and that's all that matters ;)

Yes, this was all for V and I got even more stuff 2 days later when I went to the UWS store!
That's another story for another day ;)

Do you love Zara?

Kary xoxo

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