Go Ninja..Go Ninja..Go....

My boys and Jellybean

My munchkin & Jellybean!

So, this is what my Saturday morning looked like. It was raining but we walked to the train and down to lower Manhattan we went. Why? Well to see an early screening of the New Ninja turtle Movie.
Husband was lucky enough to be off so he got to go and see it with us.

Ok, so first off. The first time I saw the trailer on television I was excited, yet a little bit scared.
Yes, scared. The ninja turtles and their new look scared me a little and sometimes we are scared of change. Especially when you are used to the old movies and seeing the TMNT like they did in the 90s's. With that in mind I was 75% excited and 25% scared. 
The lights went out, we put on our 3D glasses and the movie started, next thing I know we are all clapping and screaming no, because the movie was over. That was the fastest 1 hour and 41 minutes ever!
I (We) wanted more TMNT!!!! I absolutely love this new version, it is funnier and full of non-stop action, the kids will surely enjoy it. I love Meghan Fox as April and even though I wish she had red hair like the original April, she still did a good job. The music will have you singing - Go Ninja, Go Ninja Go (It's actually playing in my head as I type this) Raphael, Michaelangelo, Donatello, & Leonardo will have you rooting for them the entire time, they will have you rolling in laughter and they will make you cry in a scene or two. Nonetheless, this is a must see Summer movie for the entire family. 
We will actually be seeing it twice, the plan is to go sometime next week.
Only sad thing is that we waited until all the ending credits finished in hopes of a hint of a future TMNT movie but nothing came out :(
We are definitely keeping our fingers crossed for the next one. 

TMNT - At a theater near you starting this Friday
August 8, 2014
Whoever said change is bad was wrong!

Who's your favorite TMNT?

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