Running buddy

When husband and I went to the Brooklyn half marathon expo back in May we made sure to stop by the Spibelt booth and buy one to try out during our runs. Hence the black color, I had to get a neutral friendly one since my husband and I would be sharing.
I've run with it numerous times and even did a race or two while wearing it and i love it.
It's a runners must have accessory, it doesn't jiggle while I run which means that it actually stays put.
It holds my phone, id and keys ;)
It really has become my running buddy and I actually feel naked when I'm not wearing it.
 It's like my runner fanny pack, oh yes, I went there!
Now my next step is buying my own, and this time I will make sure to get a cute one. If I remember correctly there was a lola dot one with my name on it.

What's one of your must have running accessory?

Kary xoxo

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