Jellybean - 7 Months

Baby girl turned 7 months today.
 She is a picky eater who refuses to eat anything unless its her breast milk. She already threw up 3 times, when tasting food. Everything makes her gag, I'm not that surprised because my pregnant was the worst when it came to eating. Everything  I ate made me gag and my mom told me it was a sign that Valentina would be a bad eater, plus I was also the worst eater as a baby. I also gagged with everything, I lived on lipton soup and apple juice. 
Valentina can sit down like a big girl, and loves to play games with her big brother. I can see by the sparkle in her eyes that she is going to be a mischievous one. She can say papa & mama, loves to talk & laugh. 
She also loves dancing and jumping up and down. Her favorite thing to do is watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and play with her toys  

Happy 7 months Valentina!
You are our little Princess and we love you so much!

Mami & your boys xoxo

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