Halloween 2014

Jellybean wondering what was inside her treat bag

Munchkin was Ghost from Call Of Duty

Baby Wearing While Trick Or Treating was a life saver.

Jellybean was a little purple leopard but it was a cold day and ended up wearing her bunny hoodie.
So she was a leopard/ bunny ;)

It was Jellybeans 1st Halloween and it was a great one. We went trick or treating with my sister and niece. I had the stroller and baby ergo because i knew that baby girl would not want to be in the stroller all night. It was the best idea ever, I ended up carrying her in the Ergo after an hour of trick or treating. It was also the easiest way for her to get some treats :)
Munchkin had his costume planned out for about 2 months and it was great to see his idea come true. We only bought the mask, the rest was thrifting or stuff he had, he especially loved when fellow video gamers complimented him on his awesome costume.
Looking forward to next years Halloween and already planning baby girls costume, next year she will be walking! 
Which will be even better.

How was your Halloween?

Kary xoxo

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