Atkins to the rescue

Being a mom of two, one an 11 year old and my 9 month old baby girl. Means I sometimes don't have that much time to cook all of my foods.

 That's where my meal planning can go down the toilet. This momma was super excited to find out that Atkins has Frozen meals available (the above ones were sent to me on behalf of the campaign)
Just look at the variety that's available:
Breakfast sandwiches, pizza for lunch, and Mexican style chicken with vegetables for dinner.
Yes, yes frozen foods are not that healthy but I live in the real world where I can't always cook my food and I need to rely on something frozen that I can pop into the microwave while I tend to my crying baby or while I nurse her and help my son with his homework. There are so many reasons that I'm loved the Atkins frozen foods.
1- There's a ton to pick from, flavors to help even the pickiest eater.
2- Family friendly, I can have some beef while my son enjoys the pizza ;)
3- Affordable - I found Atkins product at Target!
Trying out the Pizza! It was good and my son might have stole half of it :)
There were only 2g of sugar and a total of 11g of net carbs! It satisfied my hunger, and my son said it reminded him of school pizza, which in his book was a win win situation.
So far Atkins and I are hand in hand, I'm loving this diet and so is my weight.
You can follow Atkins here:
What's your opinion on frozen foods?
Kary xoxo

1This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Atkins.

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