#HotToys14 Sneak Peak at the hottest toys of 2014

Dressed to play and have fun at the Hot Toys 14' event! 
Incredible view, yummy food, great host & sponsors.

2 weeks ago I had the opportunity to join the Big Toy Book at the Hearst Building on the 44th floor to have some fun at The Holiday Of Play!
I made sure to wear some cool leggings that were stretchy enough for me to walk around and play with toys, yes play. Who says that toys are only for kids, I 'll be the first to admit that half of the toys I buy my kids are because I think are cool and fun. 
The event started at around 10am and I was so grateful, with baby girl being a night owl that extra hour of sleep goes a long way.
We were able to settle in, grab some breakfast and listen to @TheToyInsiderMom talk about the hottest toys of this holiday season.
Some were familiar brands like Crayola & Fisher Price, some others were new to me like the company behind the Selfie Booth & the Spaghetti Headz.

Table full of the 20 hottest toys of 2014

I love the options this holiday season, fun yet educational! Fisher Price has so many fun new toys for your little one and some for your older toddler. I'm loving their new Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Chair (pictured in the second picture) it's actually on Jellybeans Christmas wish list.
Frozen is a must this year and the variety of toys is lovely. Light up dress up dresses, snow cone maker Olaf, Singing Elza oh the options!

Oldies come back stronger and cuter than ever.

The Ninja turtles are back and better than ever. I loved them in the 90's and love them even more 
now, I especially love the fact that I can share the fun with my son.
You guys know how much I love my vintage, I was especially giddy to see the Pound Puppies making a comeback. Theres always that childhood toy that you wish you had when you were little but you never had for certain reasons, now I can adopt my own puppy.

As a parent I know I'm always on the hunt for great affordable toys, not only during the holiday season but all year round. That's where Our Generation dolls come in. How cute are they? And the price - amazing! You can buy accessories and clothes for them, its no wonder they are one of the hottest toys this holiday season. They are sold at Target ( more details and review coming soon)
Now the Selfie Booth is the funnest thing around (I like making up my own words)
No more spending money on renting one for your parties, two versions are available one retails for $59 and the other one for $29. All you need to make sure it works is an iPad or android so you can download the app and that's it.

Crayola - Toca Boca

DIY toys are always fun for rainy indoor days. I love coloring with my son and Crayola does it again with their Make Your Own Paint. My son loved making his own paint and you have to love the fact that it's not messy. You can check out a small video and pictures on my Instagram feed @RunChiquitaRun
Toca Boca (available on iPod & android) the cutest child friendly app, has now come out with the cutest tattoos of their characters :D I downloaded the moment I got home and my 9 month old loves the app already.

Perfect stocking stuffer ideas

We can't forget stocking stuffers. The my magical mermaid will definitely make your little one smile, I mean who doesn't love the fact that you can now have your very own little mermaid.
Spaghetti Headz for cool hair, easy to put on and easy to take off.

Last but not least, one of the best highlights of the Holiday Of Play was the moment they announced the date and place of 
Blogger Bash 2015!
It's going to be this July 16 & 17 2015
Pier Sixty
Remember that this is an invite only event so make sure to fill out your application 

Holiday of Play was an amazing event hosted by The Big Toy Book, along with The Toy Insider and Womans Day Magazine. I was so blessed to be able to attend and have fun with all of the amazing sponsors pictured above!
Thanks to them I am ready to tackle this holiday season 2014 :D

Now make sure to keep an eye out this blog for holiday reviews, giveaways and more fun events.

What's your must have toy this holiday season?

Kary xoxo

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