My Weekend in a nutshell

Sleeping baby, our little jellybean fell asleep while on our way to munchkins soccer game. 

A much needed movie date my parents and jellybeans

The loves of my life

Our weekend consisted of some Saturday Soccer with my boys and Jellybean, it was a cold one. Standing by the river was not so much fun, but seeing my munchkin do a goal was worth freezing!
Sunday was family movie time, it's been more than 5 months since we've been to the theater and ahhh, how I've missed it. So, this Sunday we checked the move schedule and booked our tickets to go see The Book Of Life. I haven't laughed, danced and smiled like the way I did on Sunday in the last few days. This was the perfect family movie, even Jellybean danced in her seat.
Sometimes all you need is a nice escape with a good ole movie, along with those you love the most.

Hope your weekend was a good one!

What's one of your favorite family activities?

Kary xoxo 

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