Train More - Pound Less #ZeroRunner Review

Zero Runner - The must have machine for all runners, no matter the level!

Last week I was lucky enough to attend a special event hosted by Octane Fitness, where I got to learn more about the Zero Runner - the must have equipment for all level of runners. I headed down to Gym Source, located in East Midtown.
Larry Schmidt Zero Runner Ambassador - Larry really is an inspiration and I almost cried when I heard him talk (he reminded me of my dad). He might look like the average guy but he really is not. He is an ultra marathoner, has done several triathlons and didn't stop until he did the Kona, He also completed 83 marathons, but so much pounding took a toll on his body and he ended up getting a knee and hip replacement. He had to stop running due to the pain. which is very hard when you love this sport. Until that one day when he walked into the Boston Marathon expo and tried out the Zero Runner himself. He was able to run for hours, pain free. He hadn't been able to do that for a long time, that's when he knew that this equipment was a must have for all runners. This became his new passion, to advocate for Zero Runner. He owns 2 and loves to run alongside his wife, a fellow runner herself.
Carrie Tollefson Olympic runner was also one of the speakers. There's nothing like listening to someone that inspires you. I loved listening to Carrie and her experience with Zero Runner. I also loved knowing that she herself is like all of us, a mommy on the run who worries about her weight, food intake and exercising. Yep, we are all on the same boat. She loves the Zero Runner especially for cross training. She only wishes this machine would have been available years back, it would have helped prevent many of the injuries that she's suffered as a runner. Why?
Because on the Zero Runner you can train more, as you're not pounding that much. The pounding of running really does take a toll on your joints and other body parts sooner or later.
Trying to get the hang of the Zero Runner
Woot - I got it!
After the Zero Runner presentation we all had the opportunity to try it out ourselves.
I was nervous to get on and you will notice in the first picture that I didn't get the hang of it right away. I'm so grateful for Larry who got on the one next to mines and helped me out. The third time was a charm and I was able to get the hang of it. Once you're on it and you know how to properly use it, it's like you're running on air. It's really way more fun then the Dreadmill, um I mean Treadmill.
So Who Is The Zero Runner for:
It's for everyone who loves to run. There is no level required or rules.
You can be a beginner runner, or expert runner, even walker. This machine will help you feel like a runner.
Zero Runner:
Will help perfect your running form
Will make you feel like a runner and not a cross trainer
Train More - Pound less
Perfect for Active recovery - Will help warm up your muscles without hurting your form
It's made especially for at home use (not for gym use)
It will cost you $3,299 and worth every penny
I'm not lying when I tell you that the Zero Runner is on my Christmas Wish list and it should be on every ones wish list.
Thank you so much to Octane Fitness for hosting such an awesome event! This mommy runner loved being introduced to this new piece of equipment.
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Twitter: - Hashtag #FueledByZero
Do you think Zero Runner is for you?
Kary xoxo

This post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Octane Fitness.


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