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For this mom on the go snacks are always a must! My backpack/diaper bag is always full of snacks for my munchkins and I. When Atkins sent me a sample of the snacks that they have available I was very excited to try them. Chocolate covered almonds are my favorite and bars can always be found in my backpack. They are a must in our household.

They each contain about 1.5-3 net carbs, have a good amount of protein and fiber but the best part is that they truly are delicious. We especially loved the Blueberry yogurt covered bar, I say we because I have my two boys (husband and son) with whom I always love to share my goodies with. Plus, when they saw the package of goodies that arrived I had to literally hide them or else they would have been gone. They are lucky that I like to share with them ;D
The blueberry yogurt bar had the perfect touch of sweetness and creaminess, plus they look and smell yummy. That's always important for me when I try something out, it has to be eye appealing.
This mommy on the go shares 3 tips to help you stay on track while on the go:
1- Always make sure to put away some bars, or healthy snacks in your backpack or purse. I change so many bags like I change underwear. That means everyday, SO you better believe when I tell you that I buy a bunch of bars and snacks and put a few in every single bag that I own, yes every single one!!
2- In case you forgot to pack some healthy snacks, yes it happens. Or you run out of them while outside. Stop by a grocery store and buy yourself a bar there. Yes, you can now find them in a dusty corner somewhere but trust me they are there.
3- Make sure to not skip on breakfast, that way you can make healthy choices. On days when I don't eat breakfast I always tend to make unhealthy choices.
Or else be ready to listen to the hungry roar your stomach makes!
Make sure to stop by Target or check Vitacost online to purchase some of these yummy Atkins products. You won't regret it!
How do you stay on track while on the go?
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