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Life, its been a hectic one this past month. There was a very tramautizing event that happened to Miguel during the month of November. I've only told a few of my closest friends and I chose to keep it out of my media outlets for his sake and ours. The healing process has been a very rough and hard one but we've received so much love from so many people its amazing. I'm happy to see him smile more and even though he does have his days, things are starting to look up again. Just when I thought I was going to break, husband had an accident at work. He cut his finger and sliced it open, he ended up with 6 stitches and one week off from work. The one week off from work was good for our family & for him, even though we rely on his work income. We had family by our side to help, & savings. Before I knew it, it was already the beginning of December and we are now getting ready for Christmas, New Years Eve & Valentina's big 1 year birthday. We started this year full of so much excitement & blessings but now it seems like we get to end it with nothing but bad memories. I promise you that I'm trying my best for it not to be that way. I will make these last 2 weeks of 2014 the best ones possible! I'm also planning to get back to more life updates. I'm sorry for those of you who have come and it seems like all you see are reviews & what not but this momma has been giving her little family some much needed attention! I'm also hoping to get some vlogs done, so I hope you stick around and join us. Hope you all have been good. Love, Kary xoxo P.S. this blog was done on my phone so the text might be all over the place.

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  1. My thoughts and prayers for Miguel and all of you dear. You have the best attitude and I know you will leave 2014 on a good note and I wish all of you a great 2015 (yikes it's almost here!!!)

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