GirlzNDollz - Holiday Gift Guide 2014

Disclosure: I was sent a GirlzNDollz for reviewing purposes. All words and opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Be Confident - Be Happy - Be YOU!

You have to love that message, I know I do. With the world we live in, it's so important nowadays to remember that you have to love yourself for who you are, you have to love yourself so that you can radiate that. If you don't love yourself, you don;t give space for others to love you because you are too busy putting yourself down to focus on all the wonderful things that other people see in you.

My baby girl is only 9 months and i'm making sure to show her this and to teach her this lesson every single day, my 11 years old boy knows that. He grew up with me telling him that everyday and thanks to that everyone always tells me that he is such a beautiful old soul, the way he carries himself. 
My husband and I have always told him that in order for him to be beautiful outside he has to be beautiful on the incised, he has to be kind, love himself the way he is because he is perfect. We are all perfect and beautiful in our own way, what we might think is a flaw is actually what makes us beautiful. That's why when I went to Blogger Bash 2014 this Summer and got to meet the GirlzNDollz team I fell in love with them. I ran to my computer to go to the GirlzNDollz website and learn more about the company.
Jessie the founder of GirlzNDollz is a sweetheart and you have to love her mantra behind the dolls 
The goal to help all girls accept each other for who they are. They get to pick their own little fashionista doll and accessorize her while at the same time learning to accept her the way she is, accepting the way she herself is. It's a beautiful message that they get to learn while playing with their dolls! What's not to love?!
I was so excited to receive a GirlzNDollz doll to review, we picked Leila from the Totz line and she is so cute with her little dress and bows in her hair. The packaging is the cutest, the dolls each come in their own little cardboard house.


So this holiday season make sure to get your little girl or boy, yes boy! 
GirlzNDollz just came out with boy dolls. Let them play and learn a very important message that is so important in this society that we live in.

They are soft, perfect for carrying around and for hitting mommy and daddy :D
They come in two different sizes, they have accessories available and you can pick out one that you think fits your little ones personality.
Plus, they are very budget friendly, they won't cost you an arm or a leg.
Make sure to order yours in time for Christmas or if you celebrate Three Kings Day (Beginning of January). I'm getting one for my niece, she loves playing with Valentinas when she comes to the house. 

Now I have a big surprise for all of my C'est La Vie readers! 
Jessie, the founder behind GirlzNDollz has come up with a special giveaway for you my loves.
One of you will get to pick your own GirlzNDollz of your choice.  
 Here's how to enter: Go to the GirlzNDollz website, take a look around, come back and comment below with which doll you would pick if you won :D That's it! Yay - You will have one week and a half to enter :D
Good Luck!

Kary xoxo

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