Babys 1st Cold

This is something that baby girl did during her time being sick. She loved being rocked in the rocker and listening to children music on the Kurio tablet. Jellybean got her 2nd booster flu shot last monday on the 5th of January and everything went down hill from there. She woke up on Tuesday with a runny nose and Wednesday it was a full blown congested cough. It only kept getting worse to the point that she stopped eating completely and there were no wet diapers. I was already crying because I didn't want to take baby girl to the ER, it can be a very tramuatizing experience. 
Things finally started looking up on Sunday, she slowly started eating and being herself again. The cough is still there, that's always the hardest thing from a cold to go away and theres a slight runny nose but baby girl is already eating more and she's walking/speed walking. We are trying our best to try and kick this cold in the butt. The irony is that the day she got the booster shot I was telling my mom how lucky we were that baby girl had not been sick since being born and boom the next day and almost a month before her 1 year birthday she had to go get sick :(
But things can only get better and I'm happy to say we survived jellybeans 1st cold. Heres hoping it's her last one this winter!

Now for some fun news :) I'm trying to vlog again and I uploaded a new video! The last video I uploaded to YouTube was when I was pregnant with Jellybean. Fun part is watching my munchkin being shy and thinking "Oh God what is my momma doing?!' lol.
I'd love the love and subscribers - You can find me under Runchiquitarun
Hope you'll follow me and my family on our adventures this 2015

Question: I'm debating how to do my Youtube channel. Should I name it after this blog? C'est La vie
Should it be called after my username RunChiquitaRun?
Or should I name it something like Love, Kary?
Ahhhhh.. I'm lost and I'd love any input!

Kary xoxo

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