Cheers to 2015 and Atkins

I'm half lactose intolerant, half not. Say what? Yes, I'm not lying.

There are certain milk products that I can eat and I won't feel a thing and there are others that I will eat or drink and the pain is so bad it feels like I want to roll over on the floor in pain. That's why I was especially excited to try the Atkins Shakes, I'm not a masochist but I love when I can find something that has lactose and it doesn't bring on pain. I love Ice Cream and I'm not such a crazy fan of the soy ones. Ok, but getting back on track. Just looking at the picture on the shake of the chocolate one, your mouth will drool. It really does look and sound yummy, not only that but it's packed with protein and only has 1g of sugar. Can't beat that! It also smells good, me being a picky eater means I rely a lot on scent and look. So I like to smell things (don't judge me, please) The shake smells delicious, it's smooth and really chocolaty. It's Chocolaty Delicious!
I was sent two flavors to try out and the other one was vanilla but my son snatched that one away and drank it all by himself. Yep, family friendly again. I'm happy to report that the shakes can also be found at Target, they are budget friendly and perfect for snack on the go. My son has been really bad with eating lately and these shakes have really come in hand with helping him get a good dose of protein.
As the new year kicks in and I make resolutions, plans & goals. This momma will be getting herself mentally and physically ready for the NYC Marathon of 2016, first I need to get my 9 +1 done (more on that later) I think about that week that I started the atkins way of eating. At first I called it a diet. That's what it's technically called, but after trying it out I realized it's a way of eating healthy and making healthy decisions. Diets are when you restrict yourself from eating something and with Atkins you are really just watching what you are eating and down sizing portions. One of this years resolutions is to keep the Atkins way of eating, I've lost 10lbs so far, healthy weight lose for this breastfeeding momma. The good thing is that my body feels lighter and healthier and as I start to train these coming months I'll be more than happy to carry around some Atkins bars in my pockets :)
Cheers to a new year with Atkins and a most fit 2015!
1This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Atkins.

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