This is all there was on the news last night.

Blizzard 2015?
 That's all we keep hearing on the news. De Blasio came on last night saying that 
we are expecting the worst snowstorm in history, there will be in accumulation of 3 feet of snow.
Schools were open today on day but they will be closed tomorrow Tuesday. The transportation system will also be shut down at 11pm so that cleaning crews can get around the city and for our safety. I took advantage today while picking munchkin up from school and filmed a little for my YouTube channel, you can check it out :)
The wind was already scary and the snow was definitely wild. I'm happy for the snow day because this momma is very sick. I have some sort of flu and I'm feeling very crappy :(
So yay for snow days.
Hope it's warmer where you guys are at!
And for my New Yorkers please stay safe and warm.

Kary xoxo 

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