I've been out of it and lacking with exercising but that's what life is all about.

You fall down and you get right back up. No one said it would be easy. So, I'm taking it nice and slow and training for two short races coming up in April, which is just right around the corner. I've been making sure to do cardio at home and get some very short runs in. Can't wait to run in races again, it always brings the competitive side out in me and I always want to beat myself to the finish line :)

Are you training for anything?


Kary xoxo


  1. Which races are you doing? I miss running races so much and more than anything I miss adding new medals to my collection :)....this weather we've been having sucks. I cant wait for spring so i can run outdoors again.

    1. I'm doing the Run For The Parks and Run As One :) Yes, I am so over winter and this snow. Come on Spring!! xx