Being A Mom Runner Means Sacrifice

It can be hard finding me time, especially when you are a mom. It sometimes involves sacrifice. I don't mean the waking up early kind, or skipping lunch to get in a quick workout.

I mean the kind where you have to sacrifice time with your children. Some might look at it as, it's only an hour or so away from your kids, but to me that hour or more means a lot. You see, my children are only little once, they will only need me so much for a little while longer. I remember leaving Miguel when I used to work, and it broke my heart to leave him crying, it would break my heart to think of the things that I was missing. 
I'm lucky to be a stay at home mom now with Valentina, but as a breastfeeding momma, who's child will only drink from a boob and no plastic at all. it can be hard. It's no fun running while your boob leaks like crazy or it's throbbing because your 
baby is at home crying that she is hungry. It's also hard leaving them behind crying, because all they want to do is be with their momma. They don't understand that you need to run in order to stay fit and healthy for them, so that you can run after them. So that their mommy can live a long healthy life so that you can be around for them a long time.
It's a good and bad sacrifice that in the end is worth a lot, my children deserve a strong healthy momma. A momma that will come home after her long run and make sure to make up for the missed time with extra cuddles and kisses.

"Your Child Will Follow Your Example, Not Your Advice"

Kary xoxo

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