Run As One Race Recap

Race bib ready with special messages written on it.

Running selfie - I know, I know. I need to practice on my running selfies :)

Done! My dad also did the Race As One race

Last Sunday I ran what has got to be one of the most sentimental  races ever, for many reasons. My grandfather passed away exactly 7 years ago and I've wanted to do this race and dedicate it to him for a few years now. When I signed up for it I did it quickly and didn't notice what race it was until 2 days before. My plans were to complete it while wearing his picture on a shirt. No, I didn't get to wear a shirt with his image on it but it was still one of the most important races of my life.

Every time my feet hit the pavement I thought I was going to break down in tears. Every breath I took during the race, I took for him. I remember those last few years of his life, how hard it was for him to breath. Every time I felt a breeze I was sure it was him, right by my side.
It wasn't my fastest race but it will definitely go down in the books as one of the most significant ones. It was the most important 4 miles of my life. My dad also ran but he went ahead to do his own race, he is faster than me.
He made sure to come back after he finished and met me during the middle of mile 3.
He pushed me and made sure I finished strong, and I crossed that finish line with my dear grandpa in my heart and mind. It was an emotional Sunday morning and this race is one to become a traditional one. I promise to be more prepared next year.

For you my dear abuelito. 
You are never forgotten, you are always in our hearts and our thoughts. 
Everyday that goes by we miss you and more.
My arms ache to hug you again, my ears ache to hear your voice again.
My eyes ache because they wish to see you again.
I miss you abuelito.
Mi querido Papa Betito.

Kary xoxo

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