Upcoming Races

This is what my racing schedule looks like and I'm so excited!

It feels so good to be back on track and to see that I might be one step closer to running the NYC ING Marathon in 2016, gulp. In order for me to qualify I need to do 9 races + one volunteer and I'm only 5 races away from completing the 9. If everything goes as planned, this mommy runner might run the NYC marathon sooner than expected. :)
We shall see what happens, I'm trying my best not to feel so bummed if it doesn't work out this year. The only thing is that it can be a little hard on the pocket, especially when you are a stay at home mom and the only income is from husband working. 
Races can get expensive, if only I could win the lottery so that I could blow it all off on racing entry fees. Or I will gladly accept any sponsors that would love to sponsor this mommy runner!
Anyone? :)

Do you find it hard to pay for racing fees?

Kary xoxo

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