Memorial Day At Governors Island

Ferry ride to Governors Island

Lounging the afternoon away

Swinging in the coolest swing we've spotted so far

She did not want to get off of that swing, she was way too comfortable

I'm on top of the world

Ferry ride back all - all wiped out.

Governors Island is finally open again and that meant spending Memorial Day there.
It was a hot day but the perfect thing about Governors Island is that there is a lot of trees and lots of shade can be found. We spent 5 hours there, away from the noise and pollution.
The kids got to play and run free for a few hours.
Looking forward to many days at Governors Island, especially since it has so many little areas to offer. One of the ones that we couldn't find and are really looking forward to checking out next time is the hammock area. I really want to swing on a hammock.

Have you been to Governors Island?
Wheres you favorite place to get away to during the Summer days?

Kary xoxo

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