Must Try

It's Monday and after a long day at school a Starbucks Smore's Frapp is in order, plus he's a spoiled brat :) I mean that in the sweetest of ways.

If you guys haven't tried the Smore's Frap from SB you definitely need to get to your nearest one as soon as possible and try it out. For us it's a tie between the Smore's Frap and the Java Chip Frap. It just depends who makes the smore's frap. We've tried a few where they don't put the marshmallow (we think it's marshmallow) in the bottom with the chocolate and that's a big no-no.
Our best store's frap has been from the one located at our local Target store, now we have two reasons to keep going back to Target.

Have you tried Starbucks Smore's Frap?

Kary xoxo

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  1. I love starbucks anything frap LOL.. Their stuff is just delicious. I havent tried the S'more variety but will keep that in mind next time I get a treat.