Why you have to watermark your pictures!

I see lots of people watermark their pictures on IG and there are times when I do it myself but there are also other times when I get lazy or think that by watermarking my picture it will get ruined. The following experience will make me think twice about feeling too lazy to water mark my picture and I also hope it makes you think twice. 

I'm a very active person on Ig and I love posting pictures of all kind from my family, to adventures and my favorite foods. About 5 weeks ago my family and I went to Bare Burger ( was one of our favorite food joints) and when we ordered the onion rings and saw how huge and yummy they looked, I instantly had to share on IG. About two weeks later as I scrolled through Bare Burgers account, a picture caught my attention. It was my picture posted on their IG with no credit what so ever as to how they had gotten the picture. I kept scrolling through the rest of their pictures and noticed that all the pictures had the proper credit, except mine. The rest of the night was a sleepless one, it bothered me that my picture was used with no credit given to me. So, I wrote them messages  in hopes of an answer and I waited. Nothing a day or two later I wrote again and again no answer. Another Ig user wrote to me and said "does it really matter?" That night was also a sleepless one. Was I being childish, should I let it go? But then I thought no, I took the time to take that picture, to edit it, to post it and to share how great I thought they were. 
The next step was one I thought a lot about but i'm happy I followed my heart and fought for what I thought was the right thing. If they wouldn't listen to me, I'm sure they would have to listen when they were hit with message after message of what they were doing was wrong. I asked my fellow Ig friends for help. I posted the above picture with the message:

IG friends I need your help!!! I posted this picture of @bareburger on my feed 5 weeks ago and 2 weeks later they use the same picture on their feed but give me no credit for the picture. If you see the other pictures they repost they have credit where its due except mines. I took the time to take and edit my picture. I've posted comments on their IG and they just don't answer back and erase them. Someone on their feed asked if it really mattered?! Yes, yes it does matter. Because I took the time to take my picture & its called stealing someone else's picture when you use without permission! I would really appreciate if you went to their IG feed @bareburger and comment that its not right to take someone's picture and give them credit! Thank you SO much!!

The support and response was amazing. Within 3 hours Bare Burger was "apologizing" and giving me the proper credit. It saddens me that they ignored me and I had to put them on blast but it helped show them that one person might be ignored but not an entire village!
I am thankful and happy to have gotten the proper credit, that's all i really wanted. This family won't be eating at their place for a while. Good thing about all this is that I now I know why watermarking your pictures is a must in social media.

Have you ever had a problem with one of your pictures posted on social media?

Kary xoxo

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