Another school year, means back to reality

Picture from Summer vacations last weekend

This picture is from this past weekend, it wasn't your usual weekend. It was actually the last weekend from this 2015 Summer vacation. It's 11:12pm and Miguel is asleep, ready for tomorrows first day of school. It's been a few years now that I've felt like summer vacation has gone by way too fast but this Summer vacation was seriously the fastest one to date. I feel like if we were never in Mexico. 
I try to think back to when I started feeling like time just flys by. I can't remember if it started happening when I became a mom for the first time or when I hit my mid 20's, nonetheless I feel like the years have been going by way too fast and tomorrow marks another year. For me my year actually starts when school starts. Tomorrow means back to reality and everyday mommy duties (no complains here) but if Summervacation went by fast, the school year goes by even faster. I mean we only have 15 weeks left till Christmas - gah!! 
Tomorrow I go back to only being me and Vale, I go back to missing Miguelito and to counting down the days till 2016 Summer vacation.

Thank you Summer for being a great one!
Wishing you all a wonderful school year.

Does time go by way too fast for you?

Kary xoxo

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