Firetek Zeon Bow Review

Disclaimer: Zing toys sent me this toy for reviewing purposes. 
All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

This past July I was able to attend this years Blogger Bash, where I got to meet many great companies & play with some toys that are sure to be on every child's christmas wish list this coming holiday season which by the way is only 14 weeks away.
 One of those great companies was Zing toys and when they contacted me to review one of their newest toys, you better believe I was jumping for joy. Well Miguel more than me.

The bow arrives in a cardboard packaging which prevents it from folding, or getting damaged. It comes with three arrows and is available in green or orange
It also retails for about $16
Miguel couldn't wait to get his hands on the bow, and I can't blame him. 

It's perfect for day & night play.
All you have to do is turn the little on switch button located on the arrow and your set to light up the night. The firetek zen bow is recommended for ages 5 and up. But if you have younger siblings who love to play with their older siblings toys, you don't have to worry about them getting hurt with the arrows. They are plastic and the top part is made out of soft suction cups.

I mean just look at Valentinas face when she got a hold of her big brothers arrow :)
The bow itself has a part where you can attach the arrows, that way they won't get lost. Trust me that happens a lot to us. So I was very happy to see that everything could be stored away together easily. Also makes for great when transporting in lets say something like luggage. After we received the arrow we left for vacation to Mexico and Miguel had to take his new bow & arrow. We put it in the luggage and it arrived safely in one piece.

This is a great stocking stuffer and present itself so make sure to check out the 
the Firetek Zeon Bow which is available at Walmart & Amazon. You can also check out the Zing Toys website for store locations and to keep up to date on their latest toys. They've already come out with another bow - gah!  The fun just never stops and this is also great for all little girls who love Katniss Everdeen.

Make sure to follow Zing toys on their social media sites so you can keep up with the latest news on their latest toys:

Kary xoxo

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