This Holiday Season Let Your Imagination Go Free With Nintendo #NintendoPartner

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    Mario has always been a staple during the holiday season and it's no surprise to find the WiiU on many childrens wish list this 2015 including my children, especially for my son.  He's been asking us for one, for half a year now.


Nintendo has always been a staple in my household as my siblings and I grew up. We always had some sort of Mario game on our wish list and when the Super Nintendo, and Nintendo 64 were going to be released they were also on our wish list. I can still remember waking up Christmas morning and opening our presents, getting to share the excitement of Mario & Nintendo together as a family. 
True Story: We didn't grow up rich money wise (Happy wise we were the richest of them all) and even though you see all of the systems pictured above. They've been purchased through out the years and not on their release dates, that way we were able to have them. The one time that we were able to get one on the year it was released my dad asked us to vote. It was three of us and he told us to vote for the Super Nintendo or a computer, of course it was 2 against 1. My youngest brother and I have always been Nintendo nerds and we voted for the Super Nintendo. My sister was disappointed, but her disappointed soon vanished when we ended playing games together as a family.
Nintendo has always made for great family nights, we would get together and play Duck Hunt or the flying disk game. My dad used to buy the cheat code books for when we were stuck on a game or we needed to know about some secret Mario level.
It's great to see that still going on, Mario still being a must on every child's list during the holiday season. For my son it started when he was about 5 years old, that's when the he fell in love with the Wii and when it became my turn to make his dreams with Nintendo come true. That Christmas 2007 my husband and I went to the Nintendo store located in mid Manhattan at around 8pm where we had to wait in line till around 4am when they gave out the bracelets, we then had the chance to purchase the Wii at around 9am. It was a sacrifice well worth it for us. It was magical to see his face Christmas morning when he opened up his present from Santa and saw that it was the Wii, it made me forgot how cold it was to wait in line. It brought back memories from my childhood and my happy days with Nintendo.

We are a nintendo family who's been able to share plenty of fun Mario memories. There was also this one time when I had to sleep outside in the New York streets with my brother in order to celebrate Nintendo's birthday at the nintendo store back in 2008. My brother and I were in Nintendo heaven, we spent the entire night playing games on our phones and DS. Morning came and so did Miguel with my mom, the picture above is just a little glimpse of the fun we had that day. Making more beautiful memories, thanks to Nintendo.
Super Mario Maker was on my sons wish list and it brought back nostalgia from the old days, it brought back memories. I love how even though Mario has evolved, it's still perfect for us old schoolers who sometimes love to stay in the past. It makes for great bonding and imagination.

Now it's my turn to see my two kids play Mario and bond together, see their excitement as they make Mario run to get a mushroom. Watch them as their imagination goes wild and the great thing is that it also helps them move around. The WiiU has some great games that not only promote them to think but makes them jump around, great for rainy days when they can't go out to the park. One of my favorite part of Nintendo is that their games are always family friendly, they make for great family game nights. We can race against each other in Mario Kart 8. But the best part of all is being able to let their imagination run wild, and Super Super Mario Maker does just that.

(You can watch a little bit more of this video on our YouTube channel - AFewMomentsWithKary)

With Super Mario Maker, Miguel has been able to let his imagination go wild, there are no limits and he's been making up his own levels for days now. His most exciting moment was when one of the levels that he made up on Super Mario Maker showed that it was played by 167 people. He feels like a video gamer and loves watching the number of people who've played his level go up.
He also had fun making my blog name - C'est La Vie in Super Mario Maker. This is also teaching him responsibility, and that he needs to work hard in school, because the only way that he gets to play the WiiU is when his progress report comes in on Friday. If all his grades are good and there's no missing homework, then Friday Saturday & Sunday are game days, when he can play 1.5 hours each day.
So far so good, good news is that his grades have even improved, I am one happy mom.
We've been having plenty of fun family game nights with the WiiU and are already writing down more games on our wish list.
From one mom to another the WiiU is a must have system for the entire family!

What is your favorite Nintendo game?

Kary xoxo

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