Babys 1st Time At The Circus

More excited about the popcorn than going to her first Circus show.

My partners at crime 
Just one of the amazing acts
Lincoln Square
My mom won tickets to the Big Apple Circus for this past Wednesday. Miguel had no school and it we had perfect weather. It was Valentina's first time going to the circus and I was a little bit nervous about you she would react. She was laughing and enjoying the fact that she could pick out some popcorn, the lights went off and she was an awe, that was until the clowns came out. The moment this one clown sprayed water at the other one, she started crying. Good thing it was loud or else everyone would have been looking her way. She loved everything else but the moment it was time for the clowns to come out, she would turn around and say no, go away.
The show was about 1 hour and a half and everything was great, the acrobats, the music and all of the performers were just amazing. There were moments when I would gasp because I thought some of the performers would fall. For animals the only ones used were ponies, dogs and horses and they were too cute and oh so smart. For $10 the kids could ride the ponies during intermission or at the end of the show. Valentina wanted to ride a pony, she fell in love with horses during the Summer while in Mexico, when she got to ride her uncles horse.

 It was a great show and it might become an annual family tradition.
You can see more on my vlog.

What's your favorite act at a Circus?

Kary xoxo

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