Marathon Sunday

 The route Miguel ran, the last 1.8 miles that the marathoners were going to run later that day.

 After the race with his medal and heat warmer

My two runners - Grandpa & Grandson

I can't believe that Marathon Sunday is over and that it's already been a week. 
After a year of planning, of training and dreaming it's all over now.
This year was even more special, it was the first time that the NYRR had an invitational youth run. They invited kids from NYC schools to run the last 1.8 miles that the marathoners would run later that day. Miguel is on his schools track team and he was invited
to participate in the race. We were up at 5am and at his school by 6:15am, a beautiful sacrifice that's worth it in every way. His race started at 8:45am, we waited by the sideline and it was great to cheer him on. At the end of the race he was given a medal, heat warmer and a bag with apple, pretzels and bar. Like a real marathoner, they really made it a special and memorable day for all the kids. 
We had time to spare before going back to the park to cheer on my dad, so I took the kids to eat some breakfast and than went back to the park with my mom and family to wait for my dad by mile 24. It was great to see him go by and ready to finish his 15th marathon. Marathon Sunday is full of lots of inspirational runners, all with a different story.
Counting down the days till next year and getting ready for another big surprise :)

Vlog link is below, there you can watch how we spent our:

Have you ever run a marathon?

Kary xoxo 

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