My Dad The Ultra Marathoner!!

My dad at the finish line of the 60k race

Proud Family
Proud daughter
A 60k well earned
 On Saturday my dad was able to check off one of his dreams from his bucket list, for years now my dad has been saying that he wanted to do an ultra marathon. 
What is an ultra marathon?
It is any footrace longer that is longer than 26.2 miles, that is the usual marathon distance.
The NYRR has their annual 60k (37 miles)
Since I can remember my dad has been telling me I will be an ultra marathon runner I just need to train properly. Next year I will start my training, a year would go by and again he would tell me this year for sure. 5 years went by and nothing happened, but this year he kept telling me this is my year, I'm doing the ultra marathon, even if I have to walk it all and drag myself across that finish line. It would be tough since he was doing the marathon and that race is just two weeks before the ultra but he wanted to do it and it was this year or never, my dads words not mine.
Training was running and biking at the gym as the day neared he was quiet and didn't mention it. My dads plan was to see how he felt during the first 8 miles, if he felt like he couldn't anymore, he would get out or just walk it and try to make it before the cut off time which was 9 hours and 30 minutes. We believed in him and knew he would finish it no matter what, Saturday came and off he was. Miguel had his last Soccer game of the season and we couldn't be there to cheer him on during the first miles but we were there during the last 10 miles and the finish line.
8 hours and 22 minutes later my dad crossed the finish line, it was an emotional one with lots of tears and hugs. You can check out the vlog later this week to see video clips of my dad running and getting to the finish line.
That goes to show that you must always believe in yourself, listen to your body, trust your training and Go For It!
The Only Person That Can Stop You Is You

And that's how my dad became an Ultra Marathoner.

Kary xoxo

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