ThanksGiving Day 2015

Angry birds balloon first time taking flight.

 Valentina little face says everything. She was so excited to see all the big balloons up in the air.

Pika, Pika! It's Pikachu, my personal favorite pokemon.

 Everyones favorite dog - Snoopy

It's Santa, now the countdown to Christmas is officially on.

So far our Thanksgiving has been a great one, we got up early to see the 
Macy's Thanksgiving day parade, the weather has been great. It wasn't a very cold morning but as the parade neared its ending the wind started picking up and the balloons started sowing down. We came home and I went to pick up our food from Boston Market, we have had no gas for 1 month now.
Valentina is taking a nap right now and I'm writing this post up to wish you all a wonderful day.

Happy ThanksGiving Day from my family to yours!

Kary xoxo

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