Catching up and Real Life

It's 12:32am and it's editing and catching up day. This is what my computer looks like, I took a screen shot so you could see. There are a bunch of pages that are open, including the youtube page one. 

That's where my music is running while I edit blog posts. 
This song brings back so many memories of my childhood, I remember being 12 and singing my lungs out with this song. It was one of my first real teenager songs that I started listening too. It brings back so many memories, days of when I wanted to grow up and be a "grown up" now I wish I could go back to simpler days. Don't get me wrong I don't regret one single moment of my life, including my mistakes. It's thanks to those mistakes that I am who I am, a better me? Not sure, but someone who knows to think first before jumping in so quickly to things. I've accomplished many things that never in my wildest dreams did I think myself capable of. Including run a half marathon, yes, as of now I am only half crazy.
The 90's will always hold a special place in my heart and maybe it's because I'm an emotional wreck that I feel like crying. But as I edit and write up this blog post, my little jellybean jumps around while she watches Toy Story. Yes, she's still up. Valentina is a little night owl, watching her makes those tears and whatever I am feeling go away. She makes me smile and thinking about my Miguel also makes me smile because I love my life and everyday that I get to spend by their side. What's the point of this post? It's just me rambling and opening up like the old days, this little blog of mines was missing this and I though it was about time I poured my heart out.
We still don't have gas for cooking and going on 2 months today, maybe that's why I'm also sad. Our christmas tradition is cooking tamales and pozole on the 24th and this year that won't be happening
and i'm really sad. It's a family tradition and if you check my blog for the past few years I've shared with you pictures of us and our Christmas traditions, now what do we do? 
So, yes this is also pulling on my heart string and making me very sad, also the fact that my dad had a work accident last week and we all feared the worst. Scariest day of my life I tell you. So many things running through my head right now, last week was a great one but ended on a very sad note.
Now I have to go back to editing and smiling with Vale, so thank you for reading this crazy, all over the place kind of post.
Hope the rest of this week is a good one to you all!

Kary xoxo

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