Why wait until January 1st?!

January 1, 2016 is around the corner, only 3 days away and that means that many of us are writing down our New Years resolutions, someplace where we can be reminded of our goals and must for the year. But why must we wait until the first day of 2016?

 Each new day is an opportunity to work towards your goal, which ever it may be. 
Some of my goals are easy and small, i've learned from past mistakes that there is no such thing as big goals, but small accomplishments that will lead me to success and get me to where I need to be. My first one is to train for my first race of 2016, which will be a 10k, I've made sure to sign up for a race already and to give myself time to slowly work up my mileage again. I did stop running for a few weeks and some weight slowly creeped up, so this mommy runner has been going for nice, easy runs these past few days, I also made sure to slowly take away certain carbs. 
One step at a time, each day is good for me. If I mess up one day, I make sure to not beat myself up and just try my best the next day.

Whichever may be your choice of when to start reaching for your goals, I leave you with a few words of advice:
 Remember that you are not alone
 We were all beginners at one point
 Be nice to yourself each step of the way 
If you fall down, get up
Don't beat yourself up, there's always tomorrow
Small goals at a time are realistic ones

What are some of your goals that you are working on?

Kary xoxo

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