Back to reality 2016

 Mom and son style
Uggs for me and Nikes Penny V for Miguel

Quinoa crust homemade pizza

Christmas vacation is over, and it's the first day of school for 2016.
The cold weather is also finally here and that means I can finally wear my UGGS :)
Miguel on the other hand is excited to be wearing his new sneakers, that his grandparents gave him for Christmas. 
It always makes me sad when Miguel has to go back to school, no matter how old he is. You better believe that I was one happy mom at pickup. Before going home we went by the Supermarket so we could make our Quinoa homemade pizza. A recipe will be up soon, it's a great healthy alternative to eating pizza and the crust is made out of Quinoa one of my favorite foods.
Hope your Monday was a good one, now to go to sleep and get used to not having my always munchkin with me at home.

Have great first week of 2016!

Kary xoxo

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