Jonas was here

 Valentina standing on now for the first time January 23, 2016

 Miguel and his never ending love for snow

(Updated so you can check out our vlog, which shows Jonas in action)

We finally got snow and not just a few inches, but a total of 25 inches. Winter came with a vengeance, and it was no joke. You always now it's serious the moment the mayor announces all mayor transit to be closed, that hardly ever happens in NYC. The MTA is always running.
Yesterday at 4pm everything was shut down and we were advised not to go out for our safety and you might get arrested if you did. Good thing we did grocery shopping on Friday afternoon because all the supermarkets in our area were almost empty this morning.
Last year, it snowed a lot but Valentina was too little for her to really know what snow was and I didn't want her to get sick. Therefor last year she did not see or play with snow, this year I've been counting down the days till snow came. I was anxious to see her reaction. Humbe was off yesterday, we got dressed before everything was shut down and the plan was to just walk a block or two so vale could see the snow. We went out when the snow was really coming down, she was happy to see snow falling and she would stretch out her little hand but the moment we started walking more and the wind started hitting our faces with snow it wasn't that magical anymore. She did not love snow,  and the moment we put her on the ground she started crying. Valentina refused to touch the snow also, total walked yesterday one block. We walked back home where it was nice and warm. Made some hot chocolate and watched a movie :)
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Do you love snow?

Kary xoxo

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