My Oldest...

January 14, 2016

It's so hard nowadays to take a selfie with my always munchkin. Not because I don't want to take pictures with him, but because he sometimes worries his friends will see him and make fun of him for taking a selfie with his mom.

There are days where Miguel will take lots of pictures with me as long as I don't post them on my social media sites.
Then there are days when he just feels bored of taking pictures, 
I love watching him grow up to be the young man that he is but there are also those moments of nostalgia where I miss walking down the street with him holding my hand. I miss his little hand in my hand, or watching him speed by in his scooter and screaming "Mommy, look at me".
That's why every day must be treasured, every second a beautiful memory to be remembered so that together you can share.
It makes me happy to have my sons trust and be one of his friends, even if he does;t want to take pictures that often anymore,
He will forever be my baby.

Kary xoxo

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