Rockefeller Center Fun

Taking the train down to Rockefeller Center

 The queen of all Christmas trees

 Miguel is taking the picture, while we enjoy the tree

Enjoying the light show on 5th avenue

We are the biggest procrastinators, and finally made it to see the Rockefeller Center tree.
After finally getting gas, buying a new living room and doing some major apartment cleaning, free time became available and we were able to go see the queen of all christmas trees.
The weather wasn't too cold, where it was unbearable. Valentina has been loving all of the decorations in the city and she has especially loved seeing all the christmas trees, you can understand my excitement of her to see this humongous tree.
Last year she was too little (almost 1 year old) and didn't really understand, but this year she is almost 2 and when she saw the Rockefeller center and all of it's fun decorations and big tree she screamed for joy. There was still a lot of people, i think mostly tourist walking around and enjoying the holiday season, even though it is technically over. I am so happy that it still feels like Christmas and am not looking forward to everything being taken down, the city looks so blah, especially with it being cold.
You can see how our adventure in Rockefeller center was on my vlog:

Are you looking forward to the holiday season being over?

Kary xo

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