It Finally Happened...

 At the ER waiting to be seen and dreading the worst.

 Doctor looks at toe and tells me what I feared
Broken toe it is.

Yeah, it finally happened. I broke something and it happened at the worst possible time. I had big plans for this weekend. As a blogger/vlogger there are certain accomplishments that make you happy to realize the amazing opportunities that come along. If you guys remember on Wednesday I announced that I would be going to Toy Fair at the Jacob Davits center as press. Last year I didn't know what it was and I missed it, this year I applied and had some difficulty with the application going through but on Wednesday I got the notification email that I was going to go as press.
My plans for the weekend involved going to Toy Fair and taking the kids Sunday night to the Play Fair part.
But then Friday afternoon came and everything went down the drain. I went to pick Miguel up from school as usual, we bought pizza since we don't eat meat during lent season on Fridays. We got home and I was excitedly talking about tomorrows plans. I would get up early and attend 2 events before the Toy Fair, but then I remembered that there was a FedEx paper on the kitchen table and I was excited to see what package or happy mail was on it's way. So I got up too fast from the sofa, ran way too fast and headed to the hallway when my foot got stuck with a slipper and went straight against a table. I felt a pull, no pain, no snap but Miguel and my mom heard a loud noise and screamed if I was ok, they thought I fell. I was ok I yelled, but then I looked down at my foot and knew that something was wrong. My toe looked weird, it looked broken. That moment froze me on the spot and as I screamed I think I broke my toe, tears spilled down my face. Why? Why now? Damnit!!
All my brother had to do was look at my toe, for him to say we need to go to the ER. Thank God for having a son who wears a bigger shoe size than you, my foot was able to fit inside his shoe. We took a cab downtown, as we rode downtown I cried. I didn't want my toe to be broken, it couldn't be, not now. I had plans, but then it started sinking in. What if it was broken that it needed surgery? I'm still breastfeeding Valentina, that meant I couldn't say away that long from her. What if it was just dislocated? Would I be able to handle the pain? 
We checked into the ER and the registered nurse didn't even want to touch my toe. That was a sign I should have seen. It was a waiting game from there, from waiting for X-Rays to waiting for the doctor to tell me what was wrong.
It was time to see the doctor and my stomach was in knots, it was broken :(
My toe was broken and  I needed to stay off of it for at least a few days if possible, that meant not going to the Toy Fair on the first day, it would be less than 24 hours that I'd broken my toe and a lot of walking was a no-no. Even though it broke my heart to have a broken toe, I'm grateful it wasn't worse. Yes, I will need a boot for 4-6 weeks, they gave me crutches and running is a big no-no.
It only took me 34 years to break something and it happened during a most important date, but I think it was a sign for me to slow down. I think it's time to slow down a little bit, that's why this weekend I'm making sure to stay off of my social media sites to fully enjoy my kids. In the meantime I will rest my foot in hopes of going to the last day of Toy Fair, which is on Tuesday. This mommy will also start the countdowns till next years toy fair and play fair, next year we will be there!
Also remember that accidents happen anywhere, so take it slow :)

Kary xoxo

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  1. You poor thing! Do take care and recover quickly! I broke my toe years ago and it took almost a year to heal! The boot didn't help so I had to go into a cast. I also didn't check it out for a while because I went on a business trip right after breaking it!
    Anyway, best to you and the kids and hopefully you do get to go out soon!