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March 18, 2016
My mom and Vale

My vale and I 
Q&A With Nia Vandals and Elena Kampouris

Yummy greek treats from a local bakery in Queens

Last Friday we were invited to attend the Moms My Big Fat Greek Wedding sponsored by FujiFilm Mini Instax and Windex.
What an amazing event, before I tell you just how much I loved this movie and how you need to go and see it. I have to say how grateful I am for The Moms and there family friendly events. As a blogger I am so grateful for all the opportunities and events that present themselves, it's even more special when i get to share some of these special moments with my family which includes a very active 2 year old, and most of The Moms events provide just that! An unforgettable event to share with all those closest to my heart, so form the bottom of my heart Thank You The Moms for providing such a special network for us Moms.

It was a great event where aside from watching a special early screening of My Big Fat Wedding 2, we got to try out some of the new FujiFilm Instax cameras, how fun are they! It's so hard to remember what it's like to print out a picture, with all the technology it's so easy to post on our media sites but we tend to forget the most important part which is printing out those memories and that's where FujiFilm Istanx comes in hand. Helping your print out your memories has never been so fun. They are available in different colors, make sure to check them out online and get one for yourself.

Now to the movie! To say that I've been waiting a very long time for My Big Fat Greek Weeding 2 to come out is an understatement, I actually waited a whopping 14 years but it was so worth it. I could say that it's almost as good as the 1st part but the thing is that they each have there own special storyline and they are both equally amazing which is so hard to say, especially when it comes to a sequel. But yes, this movie comes out tomorrow and you must go and see it. It will have you laughing and crying in a good way of course. It teaches the importance if family, the importance of letting go as a parent and many more special messages. Don't want to give anything away.
Just make sure to go and watch it, you will not regret it.


Kary xoxo

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