Wednesday Wish List...

You guys we are officially a few days away from Spring, I can literally smell the flowers! Us New Yorkers have been spoiled with amazing weather and today was no different, it was 72 and we are still officially in Winter. As I walked outside I couldn't help but think about spring training and spring running in the park which brings me to todays Wednesday Wishlist! I might be buying a few of these things. Cute workout stuff always pushes me to get out on those lazy days.

Picture via Forever21 website
Active Ladder-Back Top from Forever21
This top would definitely come in handy for those hot and sticky days when I think my body won't take the heat while I run. It would definitely make for some interesting tan lines but this top makes it worth them.

Picture via Forever21 website

Plus Size Printed Sports Bra from Forever21
I'm a little bigger in the chest area and that's why I'm super excited that Forever21 has a new plus size activewear section. I can wear their sports bras in size xl. Cute bra to go under that ventilated top :)

Picture via Forever21 website
Active Geo Print Capri Leggings from Forever21
I love the color pink and you will definitely spot me running with these in NYC, the print is so cute and with a touch of black to give it an edgy look.
Picture via Forever21 website
Hair Tie Set from Forever21
I seriously always, always misplace my hair ties, that's where this big stack of hair ties comes in hand. No excuse to have wild hair during my runs. So many bright colors also makes it easy to find if it drops to the ground.

and since I am a mom runner and the weather is just too pretty for me not to share my runs with my toddler girl. Here is what's on Valentines Wednesday Wish list:

Picture via Old Navy website
Since Valentina sits on the stroller facing forward the sun hits her face directly. A hat is definitely needed to help protect her little face as we run through the park.
Picture via Old Navy Website
Hi-Lo Graphic Tee for Baby from Old Navy
Love this phrase and I'm sure it will push me as I push Valentina on our morning runs.
Picture via Old Navy Website
Active Capri Leggings for Baby from Old Navy
These are so soft and colorful. Just perfect for my little tough girl.

Picture via internet
BOB Revolution Flex Stroller
To finish her wish list is this amazing BOB stroller. It would be a wonderful change to actually take Valentina with me for my morning runs in an actual jogging stroller and BOB is definitely on both of our wish list. This mommy runner needs one of these in her life :)

After finishing this wish list you better believe that my feet are itching to go to the park for a nice run.
No better excuse to get up and moving - You got this loves now get it!

What's on your Wednesday Wishlist?

Kary xoxo

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