1st Day of Spring Break 2016

 Monday workout done

 My Vale and Miguel
 Brown Bears at the Museum of Natural History
 Playing with the fun games at the Dinosaurs Among Us exhibit
 She's half the size of the baby ostrich
 Photo op
My everything's

Spring Break means family time and outings in our city that we love. Today was no exception. I go tup early to make sure to get in a workout and it was a sweat fest. Then it was time to take a quick shower and head out to the Museum of Natural History, if you've followed me on this blog for a while then you know that this Museum is one of Miguel's favorite places to go to. When he was younger we were in there at least twice a week. He loves the exhibits and re-reading everything.  He knows this museum by heart. This was the first time we went again after 2.5 years, way too long if you ask me. That also meant that it was Valentina's 1st time in this museum. She's already been to the MOMA museum. I was a little nervous, some of the exhibits are dark and can be scary for younger kids. But she loved everything and loved walking up to the glass and looking at all the animals, she was a little bit scared at first but once I explained that they weren't real and that they were behind a glass. She was all over the museum, for the exception of the deers with the big antlers, those she refused to walk up to. The dinosaurs were a mix of feeling, even though they are big bones she was a little bit weary of those.

We were able to go into one of the new exhibits, the Dinosaurs Among Us.
It talks about birds and evolution and how they are the new dinosaurs.
There were a lot of fun activities that are great for any age. Valentina had fun putting a puzzle together and watching it come to life on the screen. The day went by fast and it was time to leave the museum, you seriously need an entire day to roam around and even after that you might need another day to fully enjoy it and walk around. We got there in the afternoon and stayed for about 3 hours.
Next time we will go earlier, and this time next time won't be in 2.5 years. We are thinking sometime within the next two weeks. There's a space show with our name on it and many more halls to visit.

Do you enjoy going to Museums with your family?

Kary xoxo

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