Journal Buying at Target

 Journals at Target - Which one to pick

My choice and ready for it to be written in.

If you guys follow me via Instagram (@Runchiquitarun)
then you saw my dilemma this past Friday as I tried to pick between the two journals pictured above,
I love journals and anything cute, so when I stumbled upon these two journals it was so hard to pick just one. They were each $3 and yes I know that for that price I could have easily taken both home with me. But i have so many journals already and I'm sure that one day my husband will runaway  and leave me by myself with my 40+ journals haha. Not really but I wouldn't judge him if he did.
The majority vote was for the hearts and that one won. I love hearts and these were gold and just so many hearts makes me happy!
Now all I need is a good planner to help keep me organize. With going to the gym, planning blogger events, and other fun things going on in my life, my wall calendar has no space and I need to be able to carry around my agenda :)

What's your favorite planner?

Kary xoxo

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