Newest NYSC Member

I did it you guys, I am an official gym member.

Yesterday I jumped on the band wagon and signed up to the NYSC. It almost didn't happen but that's the thing about blogging that you are signing up to a gym, you can't take it back and that's a good thing. This mommy runner finally got to workout, after almost 2 months of no workouts it felt so good to finally be able to do some cardio and get my heart pumping.
I was able to do some cycling and some weights, let me tell you that it's never felt so good to be sore.
I am definitely embracing this soreness - ha!
Can't wait till tomorrow, my plan is to go one day yes and one day no.
Let's get this done and show this broken toe who the boss is.
In the meantime please keep sending good vibes my way, so that this toe official starts healing and being unbroken.

Kary xoxo

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