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Cancer Sucks

My week was going great, Miguel had his dance show yesterday and I was happy. Looking forward to today's two blogger events. 
But then my husband got a message regarding something we thought we were leaving behind. It will be almost a year since his mom, my mother in law was found to have ovarian cancer.

 I remember being in Mexico during Summer vacation and my husband calling me, with tears in his voice. They had just found his mom to have ovarian cancer and she would need to start chemotherapy fast. Never have I felt so helpless, how was I so faraway from him at a moment like this. All I wanted to do was be with him, to hug him and hold his hand as I reassured him that everything would be ok. Together as a family we would get through this and his mom would feel our love and support, even though she was so far away. Ecuador yo be exact. 6 months later, and some rounds of chemotherapy, my mother in law was given clearance. The cells they had found were gone. She would continue to get screened every few weeks. Everything has checked out good. That was up to a few days ago. My mother in law has been feeling sick, weak and losing weight. She was taken to the doctor for some test, and they seem to have found something. More testing will be done this upcoming Monday. My heart aches so bad, your life changes in a matter of seconds. I'm not new to this, it tends to happen in my life with my loved ones. But I pray for this to just be a scare, for all the test to come out clear on Monday. I can not bare to see my husband so sad and with a broken heart. He hasn't been able to see her for 22 years, he needs to be able to hug her again and tell her how much he loves her in person. As the days go by and you guys see me post pictures on Instagram you will see me smiling and looking perhaps to the naked eye like a happy person. But know that inside my heart will be hurting, my mind and thoughts are with my mother in law and my husband. And as the days go by I will pray with all my heart that everything is ok. Yes, everything happens for a reason but right now I feel like our hearts are to fragile to withstand a rough journey. So as I end this post, I ask you all for a special favor. Pray for my mother in law, so that all her test are clear. Pray for my husband, so that he can find the strength for whatever lays ahead. Pray for me, to have strengh to support my husband during this journey that lays ahead. Whichever it may be. The power of prayer is very powerful, please have our family in your prayers. Love, Kary xo
4 comments on "Cancer Sucks "
  1. My heart goes out to you and your family is in my prayers. Cancer definitely sucks!

    1. Thank you so much, love! It really is appreciated. xo

  2. My family and I will include your mother in law in our prayers!Many tight hugs to you and your husband in this difficult time.Stay positive and know we are all praying for her and your family❤️

    1. Thank you so much, love! All the prayers are really appreciated. Its a waiting game with many more teat being done. xo


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