My Child & The World

I thought I would have to teach my child about the world.
 It turns out I have to teach the world about my child. 

It still amazes me and surprises me that I am a mom. There are times where I will look at Miguel and all these feelings pop up. When did he grow up? When did he become so wise? 
My baby boy, how is he 12 years old, on the verge of being a teenager and it is so hard for me to let him go. I still pick him up from school and even though he has asked me countless times to let him walk  by himself, I say no, it scares me. I don't want to let him go, it's like a passage. The moment I let him walk home by himself, without me it's like I'm letting him go out by himself into this world. This world that can be the most beautiful thing, yet the most scary at times.
All I want to do is keep him close, turn back time and hold his little hand in my hand. Walk down the street hand in hand with my little one. Yes, those days are gone but a mom can wish or think about those beautiful days.
Just looking at my son makes my heart swell up, I am proud of him. I know that there will be moments where I might feel mad, but those moments are also a part of life. But I know that as long as we stay strong, and support each other. We will get through anything.

Before I used to be afraid of letting go of Miguel but I know that there is nothing to be afraid of.
My son can do anything he sets his mind to and he will!

Kary xoxo

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