Collect Call

This picture brings back nostalgia of much simpler days.
A time when cell phones didn't exist and I'd rely on these kind of phone booths to make calls.

I'm happy to say that I made a few collect calls, when I'd get out of school and had no spare change with me. I'd have to make a collect call to my mom, so I could let her know that I'd come out of school and that I was heading home. Yes, she gave me change but I'd waste it almost everyday at the vending machine when I would buy a juice at lunch time. That meant that I would be left without change for the dreaded phone booth.
I miss them and wish my kids could get to used them, it made my heart ache when they started removing them from the streets and that's why when we stumbled upon this one over the weekend, i had to make Miguel get in so i could take a picture.
It was fun being able to tell him my funny phone booth stories, like the time I tried to trick it with a nickel instead of putting in a quarter.
Do you remember phone booths?

Kary xoxo

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