Disney Adventures In Babysitting DVD Review & Giveaway

Available on DVD June 28. 2016

I think we all have a memorable, unforgettable babysitting experience. Whether it was you babysitting a neighbors child or your younger siblings. In my case I'd help my mom out with my younger siblings, perks of being the oldest child.

There is this one time that is forever stuck in my head, for me it's funny whenever I think back to it but to my time it wasn't that funny back then, now she can laugh it off a little bit.
I was in charge of watching my baby brother who was about 1 years old, but my younger sister was also with me. She was around 7 years old bored, so we decided to play some bored games but I couldn't do that and carry my baby brother. In my head it looked like a good idea if I sat my bother down, no I didn't put into consideration that he couldn't hold himself up that properly. But I still decided to prop some pillows around him, to hold him up. I mean if he tipped over he would fall on top of the pillows. So I turned around and to play the board game with my sister, when a minute later we heard the thump. I quickly turned around and didn't see my baby brother all I could hear were his screams and crying. Next thing I hear is my mom charging into the room and asking what happened, he was under my chair - ha! We were scared out of our wits
, good thing there was a carpet and he mainly cried out of being scared. Never again did I not keep my eyes on him. Unforgettable babysitting story indeed and Disneys Adventures In Babysitting will do the same thing, it will make you laugh and. This version is inspired by the 1980s film of the same name and it's an upcoming Disney Channel Original Movie thats tars Sabrina Carpenter ( she comes out in the series "Girl Meets World") and Sofia Carson (from the hit Disney Original movie "Descendants")

In Adventures in Babysitting a dull evening for two competing babysitters, jenny (Sabrina Carpenter) and Lola (Sofia Carson), turns into an adventure in the big city as they hunt for one of the kids who somehow snuck away.

Running Time:
Approx 94 minutes

Audio & Subtitles:
English, French and Spanish

Be ready to grab your little partner in crime and make a movie night out of it!

Now for a sweet surprise. One C'est La Vie Reader will get the chance to win their own copy of Disney Adventures In Babysitting. Plus each DVD comes with a free magnetic frame.
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  1. Loved this movie, we had family movie night (which rarely happens) but it was a perfect movie for all ages.