Love You Always Mama Conchita

Last night at around 10:30pm your heart stopped beating. You left this world behind,with it you left the pain and suffering behind. It helps to know that you are not suffering anymore but there are so many broken hearts left behind. Those of all your children who loved you very much, including my dad who loved you dearly. Those of your grandchildren who will always treasure there grandma Conchita.

 It was 6 years ago the last time that I saw you abuelita, and even though the last time we spoke you didn't recognize my voice. I will treasure that conversation dearly, I will treasure listening to your voice one last time. Going to Mexico City will never be the same again, walking into the house and knowing that you won't be there to greet us and welcome us with open arms.
You won't be there to say goodnight or see you tomorrow, I will never be able to touch your hand again or kiss you on the cheek. You are already missed so much.
It especially breaks my heart to see my dad so heartbroken, what would I give to take away this pain, one of the biggest and worst things a human being must go through. Losing your mom, the person that created you and brought you into this world.
My dad used a word last night and it broke my heart, he said I am officially an orphan both my parents are now resting in peace and it broke my heart even more. It also hit me that both my paternal grandparents are officially gone and it made me ache even more. I miss you so much already and all I want to do is cry non-stop. But that is not an option, my dad now more than ever needs us to be strong and if I start crying he will start crying. That's why right now I  pray for all the strength in the world, pray that I am strong enough for my dad, strong enough to give him strength now that he doesn't have you, because if my heart aches for you then you know his heart is an inconsolable one.
I hope and pray that you were greeted by those who were gone to soon and you missed so much my dear grandma. 
You will never be forgotten, I will continue to talk to Miguelito who was lucky enough to meet you, about you. I will tell him stories of when I used to go to Mexico, I will show him and Valentina your picture. Together we will kiss your picture goodnight and even though our hearts are breaking right now, I know that one day we will meet again but until then know that you will always, always be in our hearts and memories. We will always love you Mama Conchita and I know that we have all gained another beautiful guardian angel.

Siempre en nuestro corazón querida abuelita mama conchita.
We will always love you

Mama Conchita

Kary xo


  1. Karina, I am so sorry for your loss. Un gran abrazo to you and your family xoxo

    1. Thank you so much, Migdalia for the kind words and hug. xo