Blogger Bash Day 1 & Sweet Suite 2016

I can't believe that Blogger Bash is over. It is almost a year of counting down to the best two days ever. This was my third year in a row going, I was abel to go to the first one ever and I can tell you that they only get better and better.

Blogger Bash took place at two places but most of the time we spend on the Majesty!
Yep, that big cruise ship that's peeking out from the picture above.
Only during the first morning of Blogger Bash did we get to spend at the other location, called the Espace. It was across the street from the Majesty.

We got to kick off the first day of Blogger Bash with the Care Bears. There was amazing food and some very fun news. The Care Bears will definitely celebrate their 35th Anniversary in 2017 with a bang. We were among the first people to learn that the Care Bears is getting an animated movie to be released in the movie theaters this 2017. There will also be a new Care Bear coming out, identity is a big secret. All we know is that it's a she and she's glittery. She sounds perfect to me.
 We also got to hear from the amazing Jessica, the 9 year old founder (now 13 year old) of We Care Bears. A charity that focuses on getting stuffed animals into emergency response vehicles, to help kids relax while they ride to the hospital. So young and inspirational, you can learn more at

Picture courtesy of Blogger Bash Photographer
After Brunch I was one of the lucky 49 bloggers to get on The Ride during the second time slot.
If you remember I tried out the Tour a few months back and OMG, if you are the city and need something fun to do, I definitely recommend The Ride. Our tour guides were hilarious and made it such a fun thing to do. It is an interactive ride full of music, dancing, screaming and lots of singing.
I will definitely get tickets to go with the family.

Then came what is considered one of the best nights of play ever. 
Sweet Suite 2016

Lego can never do wrong, just look at these fun sets and that Darth Vader made out of Legos.
One of HEXBUG newest toys - AquaBot
Magformers - great fun magnetic building toy for your little ones. Just look at the cute little robot that you can make.
Moose toys does it again. Just take all my money, if you thought Shopkins were cute, just wait until you meet Twozies. Look for them at your local Target or retail shop like Toys R'Us.
I caught Pikachu. If you follow me on Instagram then you saw that I still found a little bit of time to catch some Pokemon on Pokemon Go app.
I'm so happy that I got to check out some of the newest pokemon toys, we are all in for a treat this coming Fall. I especially loved the light up pikachu.
New limited edition black and white tsums tsums coming out this Fall.

Keep your eyes open for these gift ems. The newest mystery surprise toy to come to the market this Holiday Season.
Zulu Hamsters - You don't have to worry about cleaning up after these little cuties.
This is also one of the hottest and cutest toys to come out this holiday season. Perfect for hours of play.
5 hours of play, that go by way too fast.
These are just a few of the amazing toys that we I got to see and play with last week. If I posted all of the amazingness it would be a never-ending post.
By the end of the night I was tired, my feet hurt but I was feeling happy.
I got to meet some amazing brands, blogger friends and old company friends that I've worked with before. I didn't want the night to end but it had to in order to give way for the second day and so that I could go home to my baby girl!

Valentina face when I got home, that smile :)

Kary xoxo

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