Summer Flu/Colds Are No Fun

After a whirlwind week full of blogging conferences, expos, and dancing on a boat. It was called for a few relaxing days. What I wasn't counting on was for this nasty summer flu/cold that I got. I started feeling sick on Friday night and I've been a zombie ever since.

The worse thing is that we are all sick, even the kiddos. I'm hoping today was the worst day because this girl has blogs and vlogs to write up and edit. These past two days were so bad that I was unable to get to my computer or look at any of the papers that I received last week at Blogger Bash and KidzVuz. 
But with the help of lots of medicine, vitamins, water, and Halls I'm feeling 40% better, getting there.
Hoping to kick this thing in the butt because it will be another busy week starting Tuesday.
Stay tuned to many Blogger Bash and KidzVuz pictures and posts.
Also a few giveaways and reviews coming up!

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Now back to kicking this thing in the butt.

Kary xoxo

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