Summer Travels 2016

Leaving on a jet plane :)
We get to go to Mexico for two weeks and a half. Our plane leaves next and we will actually be on our flight at this time next week, headed to where half my soul belongs to.
Miguel is excited, Valentina is also excited. I'm sure that she doesn't know for sure what going to Mexico means but by looking at the vlogs from last years trip to Mexico she knows that she will be seeing fun animals and going to a water park. That make her say yay, Mexico.

 What she doesn't know is that her dad will be staying behind, and with her being a daddys girl I'm really worried about how she's going to react when she doesn't see him for days or when I try to explain that he's not in Mexico and she will see him soon. I'm sure it will be ok, but I tend to stress and overthink things, so my nights are definitely sleepless until we are in Mexico and a few days into our vacation. It also breaks my heart to leave him behind but he can't travel due to his immigration status that we are hoping gets fixed very soon.
So many things have also changed since the last time that we visited Mexico last Summer, like one of my grandmothers passing away, that means we won't be seeing her this time around and overtime we go to Mexico, but i'm sure that she will be there with us in spirit and overtime I look up at the sky and see a star I will think of her and know that she is shining down at us.

The countdown is officially on till Mexico 2016 is here.

Kary xoxo

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