Wednesday Wish List

Pokemon Pikachu Pika Pika Girls Muscle Top

I choose you bracelets

Pokemon Eevee Evolutions Hobo Bag

Emoji Sneakers

This weeks Wednesday wish list will focus on Pokemon, with all the craze with Pokemon Go going on it was only appropriate. Yes, the emoji shoes are not Pokemon but it has all the feels of how I feel playing Pokemon - from happy, to sad, to angry to oh poop!
It's also a nice casual look for nice Summer days and lots of walking. The hobo bag looks so cute and perfect for carrying my stuff and Valentinas. The bracelet I love because I can play Pokemon Go and look at my wrist at the same time.
Everything is also on sale at Hot Topic, so if you see anything that you really need then go and get it before it is sold out.

Kary xoxo

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